My Solo Show In Edmonton

I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to show my urban landscape paintings in Edmonton.  It really was the culmination and summation of the past couple of years.  This short video clip gives a little glimpse of the show.

14 thoughts on “My Solo Show In Edmonton

  1. Valerie Beanland

    That was absolutely amazing, we are so proud of what you have accomplished, so well done. There was certainly a good selection of your work and they look great, it looks like a good turnout as well. Nice to see Julie and the kids as well.

  2. Andrea Whiting

    Hi Rex,

    I watched your video clip and it was wonderful. You are so talented and making a great name for yourself as an artist. I am very proud of you and love your artwork.

    Keep up the great work 🙂


  3. Sara Pasqualone

    Rex, I loved watching your video! Your paintings are wonderful! I showed Ava and Olivia and they loved all your paintings. You are doing so well for yourself! Glad that Julie and the kids were able to see you and your work! X

  4. Shelley

    Great to see this video clip and the big smiles on your face Rex (and Susan’s infectious laugh in the background ;o). I was sorry I didn’t get the chance to take in this show. It was lovely to see it “virtually”. Stunning pieces and a tangible reminder of everything you’ve accomplished in the past while. Congratulations!!

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Shelley: Your comments always make me feel very worthwhile. The show was a big moment for me. It was a chance to reflect on the past 2 years.


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