New Video Lesson

This is the image I produced in my latest video instruction clip.  The video is available at this link This is very loosely based on a scene from Cameron Lake in Waterton Park.  I’ve posted a number of images of it.  It’s really an opportunity to try to put to use as many as possible of the new, experimental techniques that I’ve been learning.  I’m still working to integrate them into my process and what I like the most so far is that it makes me step back a little with regard to control.  Over half of this picture was painted with out using a brush in the conventional way at all.  It’s freeing me up from little over worked brush strokes that I sometimes (like frequently) use.  This image was done with a very limited palette using mostly cad yellow medium, cad red light and thalo turquoise.  There are also trace amounts of quinacridone rose and dioxyzine purple.  This gives it a colour unity and overall colour scheme that I like.  It’s probably too busy but for now I’ll just live with that.

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