2 New Workshops in Edmonton

I gave 2 workshops in Edmonton last weekend.  They were sponsored by The Paint Spot a great art store, gallery and studio just off Whyte Ave.  I have to thank Kim and her staff for making me feel so welcome.  They are big supporters of Canadian and Albertan artists.

There were 2 classes both very enthusiastic about learning more about watercolour.  It’s always a wonderful experience to be in a room like that.

The first day I did a demo of one of my favourite scenes from Calgary, the Stephan Ave Mall.  It’s a good example of the monumental style street scene and has great shapes and composition.

Rex Beanland, Christmas on Stephan Ave, watercolour, 13 x 18

Christmas on Stephan Ave


This painting is all about value, the colour is completely secondary.  But if you have a good composition and a good value then the painting  will be successful.  As a friend of mine said: Colour gets the glory but value does the work.






On the second day I did something I’ve never done before which is do a demo that I hadn’t  practiced.  This time I went in cold and  that made it a very interesting experience.  There was extra focus when I began the painting.  But it did allow me to demonstrate the process I go through before I start a new painting.  I always do a thumbnail value study in pencil.  I find this practice very important.  Since I’ve been doing this I notice the quality and especially the consistency of my paintings  improved dramatically.

Rex Beanland, Sunlight On Jasper Ave, watercolour, 13 x 18

Sunlight On Jasper Ave


This is the demo I did on the second day.  It’s a view down Jasper Ave.  My main thought process was to see and paint the buildings on the left side as a single shape.  I think it’s very successful.  I really like the sense of light.  I plan to do this painting again as a demonstration for my new distributor ArtClick.tv.  Next time I do it I would like to improve the sky and also change the composition a little to bring the building on the right a little closer to the edge.  Bringing that building right out of the frame at the bottom was the biggest change I made after the workshop when I got back  in my studio.

Anyway it was great to meet everyone and it was a lot of fun. I look forward to returning.


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