Painting Demonstration At Churchill Manor, Edmonton

While I was in Edmonton getting ready for my show and workshop at the Paint Spot.  I visited my niece who is the activities co-ordinator at Churchill Manor,  a high end retirement facility.  She asked me to do a demo for the residents and being a natural ham I accepted.  It was absolutely impromptu.  I just love ‘performing’ in front of a group like this that is just looking for some pleasant diversion in their day though some had actually done some art in their time.  Since it was so low key I decided I would get them involved by demonstrating a simple way to do a figure and then cajoling people into coming up and giving it a try.  It turned out to be completely fun activity.  There was much chatter and laughter and I think everyone had a good time.  By the end of the demo the number of residents watching was equal to what they often get for a performing entertainer so I felt good about that.  Here are some shots from the event.

Rex Beanland, Rex presenting demo at Churchill Manor

Rex Introducing the demo





Rex Beanland, Rex painting for residents at Churchill Manor

Rex painting for residents








Rex Beanland, One of the residents tries her hand at painting

One of the residents tries her hand at painting








Rex Beanland, Churchill Manor demo, watercolour, 8 x 10

Churchill Manor 10 minute demo









I think that probably the most important take away from this event, even more important than the feeling of a job well done is the sense of using my abilities to help other people.  This facility is  very nice, comfortable and well equipped but I feel that most people at this time of life are looking to be acknowledged and this was a very positive opportunity to have some fun and celebrate the people who participated.

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