Playing With Value

For years I’ve heard artists say that value is more important than colour.  I understood it intellectually but until I put it into practice I hadn’t really mastered it.  These images are versions of a lesson on value that I’m developing for my watercolour class which begins next Tuesday.

For each example I choose 1 colour.  When you paint with one colour the only element of painting that you have available is value.  To make it interesting I actually used 2 colours to mix a colour.  By mixing colours I’m able to get a more interesting colour range.  This activity works when you choose only 1 colour but it’s not as interesting.

The colour choices I made were various versions of:
1) blue and red, and
2)orange and blue

In each painting I’m consciously making washes that are light, middle and dark values.

I like the bloom that was created by the water in the 3rd example from the top.

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