Plein Air Again

This is a little study I did yesterday at a wetland just off 22x.  It was a wonderful morning.  We were there by 7:30 am and spent 3 hours just caught up in all the bird life that lives in this wetland. It’s almost like watching a movie as the various species go about their lives (very loudly as it happens).  We also saw a muskrat building a den in the base of a clump of trees.

I was taken by this image of the base of some trees as they entered the water.  It was a world of shadows removed from the sunlight.

2 thoughts on “Plein Air Again

  1. shelley

    Really like this one Rex. When I first glanced at it, I thought it was elephant legs (maybe because there were 4??). I still like the abstract ambiguity of the shapes though – could be trees, abandoned moorings… The clouds picture below this one is also really great!

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Thanks, Shelley. I spent last Monday morning at this little wetland. I did this sketch and my wife happily spent the time cataloguing all the birds, ducks and plants that she say. It was a beautiful day. I was drawn to the mystery and coolness of this little scene.



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