Plein Air Griffiths Woods

I was wandering around the bush at Griffith Woods and came upon this scene.  I did a quick sketch on location and did this study from that sketch as soon as I got back to the studio.  It really captures the feeling of the place for me.  I wanted the background to recede and to be very muted in order to make the mid ground stand out.  I think that worked rather well.  The actual spot was a multitude of greens so I tried to recognize any other colours that were present and emphasize them so I added some pale reds and oranges.  I’m particularly happy with the masses of grass in the foreground.  In the past I’ve tried various approaches to capture a large shape that is  actually a mass of individual blades of grass.  This approach was similar to how to represent hair.  We know that a head of hair is made up of thousands of individual strands but in painting it we need to show the big shapes and to just hint at the detail of individual hairs. In this image the detail of these grasses is mostly evident in the edges where the grass meets the water.

Griffith Woods
14″ X 12″

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