Plein Air In Toronto

Mississauga City Hall shelbourne theBeaches






























I just returned from visiting family in Toronto.  I had 3 opportunities to go out and paint and each time was great.   It’s always such a inspiring thing to do.  Something special always happens when you paint on location no matter how the painting turns out.  You certainly come to know a place more personally when you sketch it.

The top image is the Mississauga City Hall lit up at night.  It has a lovely green to purple gradient on it caused by the lighting.  There are quite a few things that I feel worked out such as the impression of all the condos and office buildings in the background.  That was done with some little blobs of chinese white that I mixed in there.  Also all the very active brushwork gives it quite an energy.

The middle painting was a house in the small town of Shelbourne about 75 km north of Toronto.  The day was very foggy and fog reduces colour and contrasts.  I think that the painting very successfully conveys that atmosphere.

The bottom painting is in an area of eastern Toronto near the lake.  It was very neat to see the street car wires.  I’ve been studying Joseph Zbukvic a lot for the last year and he does a lot of paintings with tram wires from his native Melbourne.  They are an interesting way to break up the sky and direct the eye so I enjoyed seeing them in action in Toronto.

All paintings are 7.5″ x 10.5″


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