Plein Air Painting


Rex Beanland, Ogden Yards, watercolour, 9 x 12












This is the painting I did last week somewhere off the Ogden Road.  Due to a late start I had about 25 minutes before it started getting dark.  By the time I had a drawing done it was already beginning to darken.  The interesting part of that situation is that due to the lack of light all I could see was value.  But since value is the crucial element in successful paintings this lack of light actually helped.

There was a fairly thick smoke coming up behind the building on the left.  I wasn’t sure how to paint that effect but I think it worked out well.

I also think that the composition is very effective.  I’m especially pleased with that because in person this building was not a particularly interesting shape.  So I think zooming in on this section does give it a bit of a story.  The truck acts as a stand in for people and humanizes the whole scene.

Ogden Yards 1
9 x 12

Rex Beanland, Ogden Yards 2, watercolour, 9 x 12











This is the painting I did the next day.  This is the full view of the building I did yesterday.  Again, concentrating on value made the entire process much easier.  As I heard at a demo last week.  Colour gets the glory but value does the work.

The technical challenge again was to represent smoke.  In both paintings I used a wet in wet approach including some chinese white.

I believe the building is the Alberta Distilleries.

Ogden Yards 2
9 x 12

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