Plein Air – The Mud Room At Currie Barracks

This is a plein air painting (on location) I did yesterday at my favourite painting spot of late, Currie Barracks.  I did 85% of it on location and just darkened some of the values when I got home.

I’m very pleased with it because once again it shows restraint (this is starting to become a habit).  It was a day when there was not a lot of sun so the shadows were subdued.  I feel the painting has very accurately captured that particular light.  There is a unity to the light that really came from working on location with a lot of squinting to analyze the relationships between the values.

In terms of changes I would make before using this image in a studio painting I would like to change the shape of the tree on the left.  Even though it’s fairly accurate it’s an odd shape.  I also think I would like to zoom in more on the little entrance room and the surrounding windows maybe even losing the roof entirely.

I’ve been touting the benefits of doing plein air painting in my regular sketch book because it’s so convenient.  This time I used arches 140 lb cold press paper because I wanted to get a more finished look while on location because that’s where the magic happens.

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