Portrait – Take Two

For my Mastering Colour class I just completed a portrait of Grey Owl.  (available on the video clips page)   That portrait was created by teasing the face out of a dark, blue background.  I wanted to demonstrate another portrait that used more life like colours.  Because I also want to video tape the painting of this portrait and put it on the web site Art Instruction Blog, I chose an image from one of my own photographs.  I chose to work with a self portrait which I had previously painted in the class I took with Sharon Williams.  I felt a certain comfort level with it since I had painted this image before.  But as it goes in painting, the piece took a different direction very early in the process.  It had a much stronger value pattern than the first version.  (See above).  Since the face had this greater value range I felt that the background needed to be stronger also. This has made it into a very different take than the first version  but I feel that it works.  I’m reminded, once again, of the words of Stephen Quiller – Listen to the painting! For better or worse that’s what I did with this piece.

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