Portrait Of Susan

I’m really excited about this portrait of Susan. It combines my new interest in portrait photography with a different approach to watercolour. I feel that it captures a feeling of quiet strength and emotion. I began it by literally flooding the paper all over with orange, red and a little yellow. This time I didn’t wait for it to dry but went right in with dark blues. The paint was running more than I anticipated and I immediately thought that I’d gone too far but decided to keep at it and see what I could make of it. I let it dry completely and thought that it was bold enough but it needed more contrast so I added more dark blue and some details. I added a few touches of gouache at the end. I’m considering darkening the hair a bit since it seems to attract the eye too much.

Overall this was an extremely satisfying piece.

5 thoughts on “Portrait Of Susan

  1. Susan

    Wow it is really fantastic. Very different. Bold and confident. Well done I really like it. Me. Your mother??? Susan

  2. Cynthia

    I just found your blog from Sharon´s blog and I was scrolling down to look at your work and when I hit this one I let out a big….WHOA….
    is this ever moving or WHAT!!!?? Magnificent
    piece of work,,,a real show stopper 😉


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