Quick Sketches Again

This image is from a quick sketch I did when I was sitting behind this guy.  For some reason in sketching people from behind I’m able to see the big shapes much more quickly and accurately.  One thing I’m doing more consciously now is noting the values when I do the sketch.  I find the drawing skills that I’m teaching in my Basic Drawing Skills class are also the skills I’m practicing and they really do help make sketching a faster and more productive activity. I like the added interest created by him looking down.  I’m enjoying doing acrylic on canvas and this is one of the 10 little canvas boards I made this weekend.  I’m just loving this new direction in my art!

Listening and Writing
8″ X 10″

2 thoughts on “Quick Sketches Again

  1. shelley

    really, really like this painting, and all the narratives you could tell around it — even though it’s a fairly minamalist image. Can see a little bit of the Hollerbach influence in the colour story and some techniques, but also something new and very interesting here. Was interested to read how you are able to more easily capture shapes when drawing a person from behind. Fits well with the Right Brain theory on drawing, since the back view has a lot less symbolic baggage to cause interference. Very much looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Rex Beanland Post author

    Hi Shelley:

    What an informed comment! I agree completely about the lack of symbolic baggage in the rear view. As soon as you see eyes or mouthes it’s really hard just to see the big shape. We get caught up in their personality etc. I’ve always done these little studies and now I’m really pleased to be taking them through to a painting.

    How is your own art coming?



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