Revisiting With Gouache

I used to consider using gouache in a watercolour process was for fixing mistakes or correcting sections.  I always found that the result unsatisfactory.  I’ve since learned that if you want to mix watercolour and gouache the gouache must be an integral part of the painting.  Let it’s particular qualities work for you.  With gouache, because it’s  an opaque medium, light reflects off the surface of the paint not off the surface of the paper as happens with transparent watercolour.   So it has it’s own look and if you want it to look like watercolour you’ll be disappointed.  But if you accept it for what it is then you open yourself up to a new world of beauty and possibilities.   It can bring new light to a watercolour painting as you now can add lights over darks.  But to work it has to integrated throughout the painting not just in one isolated spot.  This image was a straight watercolour and I liked it but it wasn’t a wow painting.  I’ve reworked it with gouache and feel that it has a more dramatic and focused impact.

Cascade Moutain
watercolour & gouache
12″ X 12″

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