Same Image New Lesson

I know I’ve posted this image in the previous post but this version does illustrate an interesting feature of watercolour.  This is the demo I did in class last night.  It was fine but it lacked something that the previous version had. The sky in particular was not nearly as interesting.  I had recommended to the students  if they wanted to change things in their skys they could do it by totally rewetting the  sky and floating in new colours.  This morning I thought I would try the same thing on my demo.  This is the image after that reworking of the sky.  What’s very interesting is that the painting is now much more dramatic and interesting but I have lost some of the luminance of the first wash of the sky.  There is in watercolour something magical about that first wash.  It can be luminous, exciting and fresh and everytime we rewet it and rework it we lose some of that luminance.  We only get one chance to do a first wash.  But as in this case the overall painting can be made better by this reworking but it comes at a  cost.  As an watercolourist it’s good to know that you have options and the consequences of each options.

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