Self Portrait

This last assignment, for me, is by far the most important in the entire course. I call it the Post Test and for this assignment the students do a self portrait from real life by using a mirror. It’s the culmination of all the activities and skills we have practiced. All along the way we have all worked on the same subject in a guided and structured way using photo reference material. Now for this last activity each student is on their own to capture a likeness from real life. To dramatically show how each student has improved I have them compare this last exercise with the very first assignment we did 12 weeks ago. That assignment was to do a portrait from memory, from a picture or from looking at someone. This drawing was done before any instruction and without any help. Now we can compare that drawing which I call the Pre Test with this last drawing and then each student has a very real indication of exactly how much they have improved. So the following posts present each student’s work.

Rex Beanland

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