Sibbald Pond, Wet & Wild

I’m developing a workshop that is based on the style of watercolour that I’m using at the moment.  I’m tentatively calling the workshop, Watercolour: Wet & Wild.  That’s because I’m now letting the water do it’s thing.  That means letting the water flow, swirl and mix the colours organically.  I’m loving it because it’s a complete antidote to what I’ve done for years in watercolour which was basically to do a detailed drawing and then colouring it in.  In this new approach I let the water flow and gently help it flow in ways that I want.

In this particular image the entire grassy area was done with 4 squirt bottles of various colours and 1 squirt bottle of plain water.  I squirted them horizontally across the paper and all the white spots where a product of this squirting process.  I added a few colours into this wash but basically let the water paint it.  The sky was another version of the ‘6 stroke method’.  I was very pleased with the  values of the 2 washes of trees in the background.  It creates a real sense of light.

Sibbald Pond | watercolour | 16 X 12

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