Sibbald Pond

This is a study version of the plein air sketch I did.  I used one of the new techniques that I’ve been experimenting with.  In this case I used 6 little squirt bottles filled with colour to squirt on all the grassy areas.  I liked the effect but I wasn’t happy with the colour.  I wanted something yellower and lighter.  That first application of paint is about as much fun as you can have in watercolour.  My job is just to watch all the colours happen and to guide the water as much as I can.

I had to do a lot of lifting out to tone down some of the colour.  I really like the foreground water and I love that distant row of trees in the background.  I also used mask to preserve the shape of all the water and also the dead tree and other stumps.  I don’t enjoy using mask but it meant that I could squirt with abandon to create the grassy area.

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