Snowy Morning In Bear’s Paw 2

I liked much about the painting from the last post. I loved the colours and the wet in wet technique. I had a problem with the composition, however. The lower part of the painting seemed unresolved. I felt cropping might help but instead I redesigned the image. This one, I feel, has a much stronger underlying structure with the 3 bands (the sky, the house & trees, and the foreground) forming a stronger composition. Now, I am just deciding what I thing about all the stuff going on in the foreground.

Just on another note, we had a very enjoyable visit with Sharon Williams the other day. It was so refreshing to really get into and knock about some ideas about art. Very inspiring. More please.
For information on this or any other painting contact me at this link.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Morning In Bear’s Paw 2

  1. Anonymous

    Nice paintings. I think that both the paintings have their own virtues. The fist one recreates a stong mood of winter. Cool, desolate winter. The second one has the mood of winter but it has the hope and freshness of sunshine and color in amongst the desolate wintry scene.

  2. Rex Beanland

    Hey Anon:

    Thanks for your comments. You've thought a lot about it and I appreciate that. I think a a different is the warm reddish wash in the second one.



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