Snowy Morning In Bear’s Paw

I’ve been reading a book on photography and the author emphasized often how important it is to capture the light in the early morning or evening. I set off for Bear’s Paw at 5:30 this morning not really realizing that it doesn’t get light until quite a bit later (try almost 8 am). I also ignored the fact that overcast days have quite an effect on the light. Anyway, I was there early, I waited and I did this picture which captured that overcast, snowy atmosphere. In spite of all it was an enjoyable experience.

21″ X 10.5″
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2 thoughts on “Snowy Morning In Bear’s Paw

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice picture. I love the values in this painting. Really like the story relating to the experience. It seems if we just suit up and are ready to capture whatever is in front of us we come away with something creative. Great !!


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