Society Of Canadian Artists, New Member

I was very pleased to find out yesterday that I have just been juried into the Society Of Canadian Artists.  It is a national art society that represents some of Canada’s finest artists.  I was very motivated to become a member for 2 reasons: 1) it has a truly national presence and 2) it offers the opportunity to be involved with a lot of great artists in high quality national shows.

I’m particularly happy because when I received my notification of acceptance they included some of the comments from the juror’s and they were extremely complementary and referred to some things that I truly take pride in such as having the painting tell a story and competence with the watercolour medium.

Here are the images that I submitted.  They are all paintings from the past 3 years and it was a neat opportunity to reflect back on the past 3 years.

Rex Beanland, Winter Sun, Inglewood, watercolour, 20 x 16

Winter Sun, Inglewood

Rex Beanland, Residential Shadows, Old Strathcona, watercolour, 12 x 15

Residential Shadows, Old Strathcona

Rex Beanland, Conversation Interrupted, Kensington Market, watercolour, 20 x 30

Conversation Interrupted, Kensington Market

Rex Beanland, Early Morning, Welcome To Calgary, watercolour, 18 x 18

Early Morning, Welcome To Calgary

Rex Beanland, Construction Season Downtown, watercolour, 12 x 21

Construction Season Downtown

Rex Beanland, 8th and Centre, watercolour, 15 x 20

8th and Centre

Rex Beanland, Stampede City, watercolour, 24 x 30

Stampede City

Rex Beanland, In The Pit: The Conversation, watercolour, 14 x 21

In The Pit: The Conversation

Rex Beanland, Construction Season, Vancouver, watercolour, 14 x 21

Construction Season, Vancouver

Rex Beanland, Kensington Market, watercolour, 14 x 21

Kensington Market

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