South Glenmore Plein Air

I have to fess up that one of the first things I look for in going plein air painting is convenience or close to home.  I don’t often have the opportunity to get away for a whole day or even half a day so I like to go somewhere where I can do a painting or 2 in about 2 hours max.  I’m also motivated by some advice I’ve heard a lot, ‘find a comfortable place to paint’ and then look around and see what’s there.  If there is some sunlight almost any location can reveal something worthwhile.  For these 2 paintings I went to South Glenmore Park but the scene I was looking for (boats) was all packed up for the winter.  So I just stopped, looked at what was in front of me, squinted to get an idea of the values and then just painted.  Both scenes didn’t seem very promising but I had a lot of fun and learned a little more about comparing values en plein air.

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