Still In The Shed

Someone asked what is wood shedding.  It’s actually a term from the jazz world where players retreated to some space and just worked non stop on their playing.  It’s a period of intense learning.  I’ve heard that the great Charlie Parker in one of his first forays into playing with a band was so embarrassed when the band kept changing keys.  He had learned everything in just one key.  Anyway, he turned his frustration into motivation to take a year or so to just practice and learn all about his instrument.  He emerged a much more confident and fully formed musician.  My recent emphasis has been similar though not as prolonged.  For the last 3 weeks I’ve put the watercolour away and just practiced everything I could think of in  acrylic.  I’m now starting to understand it more and  I feel the beginning of a feeling of confidence.

This image is another of Yarnell’s atmospheric paintings.  I love that misty background.  It’s too early to say the word but I could see how this acrylic thing could become ‘fun’ down the road.  Confidence grows by having more techniques under my belt and being able to think more concretely about how to proceed with a painting.

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