Sunset On The Elbow Pt2

This is an image I began a while ago.  This was an early attempt at acrylic.  The colour in the cliff was originally done in acrylic but in a  watercolour approach and I liked it.  I ran into trouble reconciling  the watercolour-like section with the more opaque sections.  I’m just reading a book by Serge Hollerbach an artist that also began as a watercolourist but switched to acrylic.  He recommends that while you can use acrylic in a watercolour manner it’s greatest benefits come from using it in an opaque way.  I’m quite interested in following that advice so this picture was redone opaquely.  I used the fan brush and some techniques from Hollerbach’s book to get the blended sky.  It’s a much more dramatic picture now.

Sunset On The Elbow Pt2
16″ X 20″

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