Tapestry – A Collaborative Effort

This is a little fun piece.  When I began playing with acrylic a few weeks ago I was once again practicing colour mixing by making swatches of colour.  (I can’t believe how many fun and creative works I’ve done that began as simple colour swatches.  I think it is because when I’m doing colour swatches I’m only concerned with the colour and my actual brush stroke is completely spontaneous.  Then when I look at the shape of the swatch I start to see all sorts of possibilities in the shape.)  Anyway, this was some acrylic colours splashed on a paper.  My wife, Susan, as she often does takes these little practices or knock offs and goes over them with marker.  Many of them are brought to a new life by her application of ink.  This was one that she turned into a real work of art with a story of it’s own.

Acrylic & Ink

14″ X  2″

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