The Key To Learning To Draw

I am presently teaching private drawing lessons. I am again reminded of the almost unbelievable power of the book ‘Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain‘ by Betty Edwards.  For me it’s the bible of drawing and I’ve never seen anyone fail to improve absolutely dramatically  if they are willing to put in a little effort.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand why this book is so powerful and I think it’s simply because it takes the natural drawing ability that everyone has and exercises it just like a muscle until it’s really strong.

The theory doesn’t matter at all however – it’s the results that count and the results are really something.  There are of course individual differences in drawing ability but it’s very common for people to go from saying ‘I can’t even  draw stick figures to drawing sensitive, life like, captivating portraits.

It’s been a while since I last taught this class so it’s a real treat to revisit it.

Here are my demos of the first 2 drawings that we did.

Rex Beanland, Harry Potter, graphite

Harry Potter


















Rex Beanland, Emma Watson, graphite

Emma Watson


















Here are the drawings of my student Honor.

Rex Beanland, student Honor drawing, Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Rex Beanland, student Honor drawing, Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Rex Beanland, student Honor drawing, Pre Test

Pre Test









































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