The Process In Action

I’ve posted this image because it is a good example of the painting process that I have been studying. I had an old photo I’d taken of a little creek right that’s right beside Elbow Falls. I’ve used this image for a painting before but at that time I just took the entire image with a few minor adjustments. This time I was looking at it and and focused on a tiny section of the photo and it gave me an idea. I quickly did a small compositional sketch then a larger value study. The tall and narrow format came because I had a frame that size. Anyway the next day I did this painting. I used thalo blue and cadmium scarlet almost entirely. I like the painting which I call Chance Encounter since it’s a little scene that I often happen upon and it has, for me, that feeling of seclusion. What I really enjoyed about this painting was having and using a process to go from reference material to a personal statement.

As a little aside I also used the idea from this same photo for the middle ground in the scenes shown in some earlier posts called ‘Analagous Colour Schemes‘.

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