The Return Of The Blob People

This image was just the result of playing around.  I’m going  to concentrate for a while on painting with  casein and in this case I was just trying to explore mixing darks with a palette of  some green, ultramarine blue, yellow, cobalt blue and cerulean blue.  I would make a mix of some combination trying to make it as rich a dark as possible then I made swatches of the various mixtures on paper.  When I looked, one of these swatches looked a bit like a person so I then played with that idea and turned each of them into a person.  The purer, brighter colours that I painted between these darks just started to sing when surrounded by the neutrals.  It was a lot of fun and the first time I’ve done anything solely with casein.  I usually use it as an addiction to my acrylic paintings.  The title refers to a much earlier post with a painting called The Blob People.

14″ x  4″

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