Thumbnails Again

Rex Beanland, Thumbnail Sketch









Rex Beanland, Thumbnail Sketch Of London










I’ve talked about the importance I put on thumbnail sketches frequently in this blog.  Once again I’m finding them invaluable.

As I’ve mentioned  recently, I’ve been really inspired by my study of the watercolour styles of Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet.  I think it’s a case of ‘when you’re ready to learn the teacher will appear’.  I love to draw and I’m pretty good at drawing things in perspective so I enjoy the challenge of drawing buildings, cars and people. What I’ve learned from these artists  is to combine this love of drawing with a strong and focused use of value.

In these sketches I’m practicing all this knowledge using my own reference material.

The plan is to use these 2 thumbnail sketches  to do larger paintings (16 X 12).   I’ll post the results.

The top one is the alley behind the Central United Church in downtown Calgary.  The bottom one is from a photo I took during our trip to London 3 years ago.

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