Truck Series

As I mentioned last post I have been doing quick sketches for my truck series. This is one of the first I’ve done so far.   Drawing trucks is mostly a matter of  getting the shape of each part and then putting it in the right place.   You can see the box I framed the truck with so that I could more easily judge proportion.  It took about 20 minutes to do the drawing.  As I look at it I think it’s very good even though I think the truck is a little too narrow. What I enjoyed the most in doing it was just that, the quick and fairly accurate judging of perspective and shape.  When that part is done it is much easier to just enjoy putting down the paint.  I also notice how much easier it gets with each truck I attempt.  This one which is actually the second I’ve attempted is much better than the first.

After that I just applied some colour which is pretty close to the colour of the actual truck.

Now on to the next one . . .

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