Truck Series

For some reason I’ve just now finally understood my wife’s constant suggestion, “Work in a series.  Do 10 paintings on one theme.”  So I’ve decided to work on a series of paintings of trucks.  I’ve done a couple of truck pictures in the past and they were very enjoyable to do and  very well received so I’ve scoured all my old photos to find any of trucks particularly old trucks.  Drawing trucks is pretty involved because of the need to have good perspective but after that it’s not particularly hard and I like the challenge of trying to give the truck  a personality. I’ve started practicing drawing trucks and related things every day.  In fact my studio time is now exactly 50-50 between Dynamic Figures and trucks.  One of the truck accessories that I enjoy painting is truck tires.   The thick tread is a very attractive graphic element and there is a very organic quality to their shape.

This particular tire study is the first from the series.  What I enjoyed about doing this painting was the fast brush work in all the areas behind and infront of the tires.  Also, it’s a small point but I really like the shadow cast by the tires.  It again was a very fast stroke with the brush held underhand and parallel to the paper.

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