Urban Landscape Workshop At Swinton’s

This past weekend I gave an urban landscape at Swinton’s Art Supplies in Calgary.  Doug Swinton always does a great job of promotion so the class was full.  It was a great workshop!  I really felt good about what we accomplished and the results that the participants achieved.

Once again I was made aware of how grateful I am for having been a public school teacher where I learned the art of teaching.  It’s all about what the people get out of the workshop and I always go in with a lesson plan that facilitates their learning.

A New Twist On How To Paint Figures

I have developed a new and really exciting exercise to extend the lesson on doing figures.  It’s how to create a crowd of people.  I’m inspired by the scenes of the piazza in Italy where you have fabulous architecture and crowds of people.  I’m working on doing a studio version of this subject.  

For now, here is the demo painting that I did.

Rex Beanland, Piazza & People, watercolour, 8 x 7

Piazza & People














Here is the class with their versions.

Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop, 2018

Piazzas & People










I always ask students to send me copies if they finish their paintings.  Typically I don’t receive images but this time I did.

Here is Tamara’s painting.

Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop, 2018

Tamara’s Piazza & people
















For the main demo I did Jasper Ave because it just offers so many wonderful teaching opportunities and it is such a bold, vibrant painting.

Main Demo – Jasper Ave

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my demo at the end of the workshop but here is the completed painting.

Rex Beanland, Jasper Ave (Swinton 2018), watercolour, 15 x 20

Jasper Ave













Here is the class with their version in progress.


Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop, 2018

The Class With Jasper Ave (in progress)











It’s always so inspiring when the participants discover that they can create bold, vibrant and colourful paintings.

Two people sent me their finished paintings.  Great work.

Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop 2018

Chris’s Jasper











Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop 2018

Tamara’s Jasper











Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop 2018

Bill’s Jasper Ave

How Bold Can You Go With Watercolour

I just love this photo.  One participant, Robyn, really pushed the limits of watercolour.  

Rex Beanland, Swinton Workshop, 2018

Thick paint!











What a great way to spend a weekend with this wonderful group of enthusiastic watercolourists!


I was also very moved by a couple of the comments that were emailed to me after the workshop.

Thank you Rex for an incredibly informative weekend.  I’ve taken numerous workshops and never have I felt more fulfilled afterward.  Your professionalism, humour and grace are something I will never forget. I will be watching for the next available opportunity to paint with you again. Please do add me to your mailing list.
With Gratitude

Hi Rex
I really enjoyed your workshop. Talk about learning a lot of techniques in a short time! I’ll keep an eye out for future workshops…

Anyway, my finished painting follows. Much to learn, but much that I can use with my own sketches immediately. Thanks again…

2 thoughts on “Urban Landscape Workshop At Swinton’s

  1. Robin

    Hello. Could you please email an outline of the car cityscape painting so I may try it again. Thank you for the great workshop. I learned a lot and I have been inspired to try more paintings of the photos I got in Europe. Thank you, again ?. Robin

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Robyn: Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that you got a lot out of the workshop. I’ll send you the drawing.


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