Urban Landscape Workshop At Swinton’s

Doug Swinton of Swintons Art Supplies  is doing something very right when it comes to workshops.  This is the second workshop I’ve done there and both have sold out.  I really appreciate that.

Anyway, it was a great workshop.  I love working with a group of people that have chosen to  do watercolour and this was a really good group.  I always like it when we manage to develop a strong group  identity and that happened in this workshop.

There were many participants who were either pretty new to watercolour or even some who had never painted.  I like this mix because it gives a relevant reason to go over basics and also  I believe that with the right instruction beginners can progress very quickly.  I think that this happened in this workshop because their was real  success in producing fresh watercolour washes which is not an easy thing to  do.

Another big challenge in this workshop was that I asked everyone to  create their own ‘story’ by creating their own arrangement of cars and figures and again I think this was very successful.

Here is my first demo which is a view of the Bow Building from 9th Ave.  When I looked at it at home all of a sudden I saw the story I had created very spontaneously.  So  the title is ‘Conga Line Down 9th Ave’.

Rex Beanland, Conga Line On 9th Ave, watercolour, 20 x 15

Conga Line On 9th Ave













Changing A Watercolour

I  made a very big change when I got my painting home.  The building on the right was the same colour and as dark as the building on the left.  It made for a very dreary painting.  So I used a tooth brush to completely lift out the right hand building.  Here is how that looked.  I then changed the colour to red.  This helped a lot in making it a more enjoyable  painting.

Rex Beanland, Workshop Student Work, watercolour

Workshop demo with building lifted out









One of the little practices that we did over the weekend was how to shade the skin of a more realistic figure.  I really liked the way that the abstract background made this painting come to life.

Rex Beanland, Bridesmaid Ponders,transparent watercolour, 12 x 14

Bridesmaid Ponders














Here is the second demo  that I did.  It’s a great subject from Kensington  Market in Toronto.

Rex Beanland, Kensington Market, watercolour, 15 x 20

Kensington Market










Here are various student samples of the first demo.  I had a camera malfunction for one sample and one other one was still a work  in progress so I haven’t included them.

Here is a neat little student example of what I call my 1 stroke figure method.

Rex Beanland, Workshop Student Work, watercolour

Student Figure












I am so grateful that at this point in my artistic journey I am teaching a lot of workshops.  I find teaching extremely enjoyable and also extremely satisfying.  It’s a true pleasure to help people grow and learn in their own artistic journey.  A great workshop!

2 thoughts on “Urban Landscape Workshop At Swinton’s

  1. Cori Nicholls

    Hi Rex! Thank you for a very enjoyable weekend learning from you. I had wanted to take your workshop for some time and it was always sold out so I was especially happy to getbto do it on my birthday! I learned so much and my brain is looking at cityscape photos in a whole new way thanks to your tips!

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Cori: Thanks for commenting. I really enjoy hearing from people what they thought. I also very pleased that you are motivated and inspired to carry on with all the urban landscapes that you want to paint. Good luck! Just keep doing it.


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