These are two studies I did for my watercolour class.  They are done using a  monochromatic colour scheme.  When you can’t change colour in order to move the eye around the painting the only thing you can do is play with value.  By creating a pleasing arrangement of lights and darks we create a pleasing journey for the viewers eye.   In these paintings I chose a blue violet colour and I chose cad orange as my complementary colour.  I use a little bit of the complement to neutralize the primary colour but I try not to let any of the complementary colour show in the painting.   There is just a little hint of the orange in the foreground of the bottom painting.  I did two versions of this image  to show the effect of different value patterns.  Each of these paintings does have a different impact on the viewer.  There are, of course, many other possibilities and one isn’t better than the other.  The main point is that the artist needs to decide on this pattern of values or ‘centre of interest’ before they actually do the painting.

These images are the ones I created in my latest instructional video clip.  It will be available very shortly.

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