Watercolour Workshop With The Calgary Sketch Club


 I gave a workshop for the Calgary Sketch Club yesterday.  It was lots of fun.  I really do enjoy teaching and I really enjoy meeting people.  It was a great workshop and the feedback I got said the people got a lot out of it.  I have to thank, more and more, my years spent as a public school teacher and how they are helping me teach art now.  One thing in particular comes to mind.  It was drilled into me as a teacher that it’s not about how great I am or what I can do it’s about what the students get out of it.  I keep this in mind a lot and I try to make sure that everyone gets something out of my workshops.  So for me, the interaction with the people when I’m not actually demonstrating is the most valuable part of the day.  So I’m very gratified when I hear people say that they were comfortable, they felt able to take risks and they were pleased with their efforts.  One person was just thrilled that she had actually put a couple of figures in her painting . . . and they looked great.

So all in all it was a super day.

Here are some pictures from the class.  Most people chose to do a version of the painting I was demonstrating, each with their own take on it.

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