Weaselhead Rhythms With People

Rex Beanland, Weaselhead Rhythms with People, watercolour, 18 x 24











This image has been posted before but I feel I’ve just made it a significantly stronger image by the addition of a couple of people and a few extra darks on the left hand snow bank.

You can see the original version at this link.

This process has shown me once again the value of living with a painting.  I thought the original version was quite good except in one area – it didn’t really tell a story,  it didn’t do anything for me.  A year later  I thought about adding people.    With the pretty small addition of 2 people it now has a narrative and is a much stronger image.  Now it’s ready for the Art In The Garden show and sale tomorrow.

Weaselhead Rhythms With People
18 x 24

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