Wood Sheddin’

I’ve decided to take some time to just play, practice and experiment with acrylic. Over the years  I’ve done a number of paintings in acrylic and some very nice ones but I’ve never been master of acrylic technique like I have with watercolour.  In fact it’s often been a love / hate relationship.  Sometimes acrylic is a lot of fun and other times I’m really fighting the paint.  I’ve just taken a whole bunch of books on acrylic out of the library and I’m doing some practices from examples I see in them. One thought that I’ve read in a couple of books is that it’s best not to look at acrylic like watercolour or oil and not to try to mimic your techniques in those media with your technique in acrylic.  In other words learn what acrylic does best for you.  These images are my first studies.  The only rule I was following was to have little or no water on the brush.  So this is paint straight out of the tube with some mixing and some white. Coming from a watercolour background working opaquely like this is still something I’m still getting used to.

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