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Alberta Society Of Artists Members BBQ

Rex Beanland, Perronoud Ranch watercolour, 9 x 12

Perronoud Ranch
watercolour, 9 x 12












The Alberta Society Of Artists held their annual BBQ a few weeks ago at the heritage site, Perronoud Ranch just north of Cochrane.  This was my first event as a new member of the ASA.  It was a wonderful day.  Sunny and warm.  By the end of the day it was sunny with gale force winds.

My wife and I went early to do a little painting on the property.  I was very pleased with my little study.  We ate on this veranda.  Some of our meal was simply blown into the surrounding fields by the wind.

I was very pleased to be juried into the ASA this year.  I think the thing I like most about membership in art groups like this is the connection and networking with other like minded artists.  To associate with, share ideas with, and learn from your peers is wonderful and very motivating.  I’m always amazed at the range of interests and directions that others are pursuing.  And most of all is the wonderful sense of camaraderie I feel, fellow travellers and all.

Downtown Calgary, Plein Air

Rex Beanland, Downtown Plein Air, watercolour, 9 x 12













This is the view from one of the only free parking spots that is close to the downtown area.  It’s part of the redevelopment zone for the Calgary Stampede so I imagine it will be gone at some point.

In any case it affords a neat view of the office buildings in the downtown core.

I quite like the smoke effect.  It was done using Chinese White.  In my plein air painting I find I use Chinese White a lot more because I can’t afford to take the time to paint around shapes.  I need to concentrate on the composition and value pattern and trying to make my washes interesting.

Weaselhead Rhythms Part 2

This particular scene is becoming very interesting to me.  I think that it would look good in a 20 X 30 format so I’ve done a little colour study using that format.  I like the high horizon line though I think it could be even a little bit higher.  Also the angle of the bank on the left has changed considerably from the previous post and I think a perspective between this one and the previous post would work best.
Anyway, that little plein air dash on Friday is having some very pleasant reprecussions. 








Dynamic Figures

This beautiful image is Edgar Degas. Preparing this image for class has given me a whole new appreciation for  Degas.  He has captured special moments in time and he has rendered them with spectacular technique.

I did this on hot press watercolour paper.  Before starting the pencil work I laid in a light value blue-green wash.  I let that wash dry and then did the drawing.  The brightest whites were done using white chalk.

It was a real pleasure to do this image.

Using Darks

This is an image that I’m auditioning for my watercolour class as a study of dark values. It’s a nice continuation of our last class on value.  I’ve been watching a lot of Don Andrews, an American watercolourist.  His work is characterized by a very wet, very bold use of colour and in particular his figurative work is extremely evocative.  Anyway, in this painting I was inspired by him to get a very dark value on the house and foreground in the first wash.  It is about 4 different mixes of dark paint and then letting them play around with each other a bit.

Also I was thrilled to get a comment on my video clips.

Carol said,

Thanks Rex. I’ve spent the evening watching several of your videos and found them to be excellent. I especially like having the ability to see you mix and apply the paints. You are a very good teacher and I hope I can implement what I’ve learned.

Was I ever pleased to receive that comment!

On Vacation

I’ll be away from my computer for awhile so my posting may be sporadic at best.  I thought I’d leave a concluding thought from this last period of time.  Strangely, this small thumbnail sketch that I did last night is quite representative.  Ever since I learned it from Sharon Williams I’ve been doing this thumbnails.  I cut a piece of cardboard approximately 2″ X 3″.  It’s actually exactly the same format as an 18 X 24 image which is a size I use quite a bit.  With this I can quickly trace the template and then right from the start I’m thinking about a painting.  I know exactly what the composition will look like when it’s enlarged.  Anyway, I have these little cardboard cutouts in all the sizes that I use.  On this size of image I can do a quick sketch checking composition or value or whatever.  Even with shading it  doesn’t take long.  The photo I used for this had a larger tree in the mid ground basked in light.  There was a pleasing mid value, out of focus bunch of trees s and sky behind this tree and another bunch of trees in the foreground that went right out of the frame.  I think that this could make an interesting painting.

Hoping everyone has an enjoyable summer.

Courageous Watercolour With Eleanor Lowden Pidgeon


This is a preview clip for our latest art instructional video.  It shows how Eleanor, one of Calgary’s most popular artists achieves her unique, bold, bright and beautiful colour.   As a bonus she demonstrates how she waxes her paintings so they can be framed without glass.  She also demonstrates how she mounts her paper on gatorboard.  Loaded with excellent content and featuring the quality technical values you can expect in all WhitePine Videos.

Along with my wife, Susan, we have a video production company, WhitePine Productions.  We are being to focus our productions more and more on art instructional videos since it combines our love of video and art.

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