On Vacation

I’ll be away from my computer for awhile so my posting may be sporadic at best.  I thought I’d leave a concluding thought from this last period of time.  Strangely, this small thumbnail sketch that I did last night is quite representative.  Ever since I learned it from Sharon Williams I’ve been doing this thumbnails.  I cut a piece of cardboard approximately 2″ X 3″.  It’s actually exactly the same format as an 18 X 24 image which is a size I use quite a bit.  With this I can quickly trace the template and then right from the start I’m thinking about a painting.  I know exactly what the composition will look like when it’s enlarged.  Anyway, I have these little cardboard cutouts in all the sizes that I use.  On this size of image I can do a quick sketch checking composition or value or whatever.  Even with shading it  doesn’t take long.  The photo I used for this had a larger tree in the mid ground basked in light.  There was a pleasing mid value, out of focus bunch of trees s and sky behind this tree and another bunch of trees in the foreground that went right out of the frame.  I think that this could make an interesting painting.

Hoping everyone has an enjoyable summer.

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