Using Darks

This is an image that I’m auditioning for my watercolour class as a study of dark values. It’s a nice continuation of our last class on value.  I’ve been watching a lot of Don Andrews, an American watercolourist.  His work is characterized by a very wet, very bold use of colour and in particular his figurative work is extremely evocative.  Anyway, in this painting I was inspired by him to get a very dark value on the house and foreground in the first wash.  It is about 4 different mixes of dark paint and then letting them play around with each other a bit.

Also I was thrilled to get a comment on my video clips.

Carol said,

Thanks Rex. I’ve spent the evening watching several of your videos and found them to be excellent. I especially like having the ability to see you mix and apply the paints. You are a very good teacher and I hope I can implement what I’ve learned.

Was I ever pleased to receive that comment!

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