2 Demos From The Paint Spot

I taught 2 workshops this past weekend at the Paint Spot in Edmonton. Saturday was an Urban Landscape workshop.  Sunday was a Landscape workshop.  I didn’t get either painting finished during the workshops so I’m posting the various stages in the life of each painting.  Neither is completely finished and at some point I’ll take them further. In each case Day 1 is the way the painting was at the end of the workshop.

The first one is a very interesting view of the entrance way of the Hotel MacDonald.

Rex Beanland, Hotel Mac Entrance 1

Day 1

Rex Beanland, Hotel Mac Entrance 2

Day 2

Rex Beanland, Hotel Mac Entrance 3, watercolour 15 x 20

Final Version (for now)





























This subject is one of my favourite views of the foothills near the Leighton Centre.

Rex Beanland, Foothills & Cows 1

Day 1

Rex Beanland, Foothills & Cows 2

Day 2

Rex Beanland, Foothills & Cows, watercolour, 15 x 20































I’ll be back at the Paint Spot for an Experimental Watercolour workshop on Saturday May 30 and a Plein Air Workshop on Sunday May 31.

I’m very excited about both these workshops.  Plein Air has, for me, become one of the most important practices that I have.  The Experimental Workshop is one I’ve just developed and it is the most fun that you can have with water that I’ve seen.  Plus there is so much excellent learning that happens in this process so it will be helpful no matter what style of painting you do.

If you’re in the area I hope to see you there.




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