Canadian Society Of Painters In Watercolour Annual Symposium

This year the CSPWC’s Symposium will be held in Cornwallis Nova Scotia.  I was extremely pleased to ask to be one of the instructors there.  It’s in a fabulous location and promises to be an exciting week devoted to watercolour painting.  My wife has already signed up to take part in the symposium.  I highly recommend that you consider taking advantage of this opportunity if it is at all possible.  The comments from all participants at past symposia has be excellent.

Rex Beanland, CSPWC Symposium 2015









Here is a great deal of information about the symposium.  For further details check out the CSPWC website.


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3 thoughts on “Canadian Society Of Painters In Watercolour Annual Symposium

  1. Gwen Kenney

    While going thru an photo album I found an old newsprint, no date, of a painting done by Charles Goldhamer, titled Farmer of the Hills. It was shown at the 16th annual exhibition of the Canadian Society of Painters in the Art Gallery in Toronto. The farmer’s name is John Willerton, he is my great-grandfather. Would love any information on this painting, or hopefully buying a print. Any information would be extremely helpful.

    1. Rex Beanland Post author

      Hi Gwen:

      I have no information but if you contact the CSPWC office in Toronto they may have.

    2. Judy Holtom

      Hello Gwen Kenny…..I have the newspaper clipping you asked about…wondering about our family connection as the painting is of my grandfather John (Jack) Willerton. Would love to connect with you


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