Dale Laitinen Workshop

For the past few years I have been focused on my workshops so it was a real treat to take a workshop with another artist.  Dale Laitinen is a California artist who works mostly in watercolour.  I love his paintings. 

His approach uses large sheets of watercolour paper and big, flat brushes. Since this is quite different from my style I was very pleased to add some of his ideas to my own painting.

Here are the 2 paintings I did.  Both are my version of his demos.  The are both half sheets.   I’m very pleased with these paintings and with what I learned in the workshop.  He was brought here by the Calgary Chapter of the Federation Of Canadian Artists.

Rex Beanland, Waterfall, Laitenin Workshop, watercolour, 22 x 15
Rex Beanland, Sentinel Dome, Laitenin Workshop, watercolour, 22 x 15
Sentinel Dome, Yosemite

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