Demo For The Airdrie Regional Arts Society


Rex Beanland, Kensington Market, Toronto, watercolour, 20 x 15

Kensington Market, Toronto
20 x 15












This is the demo I did last week for the Airdrie Regional Arts Society.  I hadn’t known about this society before but was very impressed by their enthusiasm and friendliness and the commitment of the members.

For the demo I choose a scene from our trip to Toronto last month.  It’s in the multi-cultural area of Kensington Market.  There is a nice energy there. I mostly finished the painting during the hour and a half of the demo then touched it up in the studio.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  Doing this demo helped me refine my thoughts about what I’m trying to achieve in my painting and for me it’s all about ‘story’.  Accuracy, neatness and polish are not as important as the story.  The story I wanted to capture in this painting is the energy and movement in this area of narrow streets and crowded sidewalks.  In summer it can be chaotic but even in  December parts of it are still alive. Using the little figures  immediately helps with the story.  For example the two figures near the right hand edge really do seem to be in conversation.

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