If It Was Easy It Wouldn’t Be Worthwhile.

In my last post I showed a little study I did of this same subject.  I really enjoyed the subject but the painting was unsuccessful because the figures got completely lost in the dark doorway behind them.  With that painting I redid the figures in gouache and the painting was rescued.

However, I wanted to redo it and try to make the figures work but only using watercolour.  This is that painting.  It was definitely not easy.  I’ve never been so mindful of value, always asking myself how the shape I was painting fit into the overall composition.  It was a fine line to have the dark doorway in the background yet still have the darkest darks in the figures.  It was a technical challenge but because of that it was an opportunity to learn.

The other big challenge was to have the face of the guy really express an emotion.  Again it’s a challenge to get detail into such a small shape.  Again I feel that it works really well. 

Finally, the drawing was very tight but I’m pleased that the painting is actually quite loose.

A Glance At Stephan Ave
12 x 16

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