Landscape Workshop At The Leighton Centre

The Leighton Centre is one of my favourite locations for a workshop.  The view is beautiful and there is such a feeling of being out in the country even though it’s just outside Calgary.

This workshop was a treat for me because for the first time I taught what, for me, were 2 new paintings.  We also got a chance to really play with colour.

A wonderful group!

The theme for the weekend was the colour red.  First we did a painting of a Red Barn.

The Red Barn
Student work in progress.
Student work in progress.
Great success!

The second demo was a red mountain scene.

Red Mountain
Student work in progress.
Student work in progress.

I was very pleased with the quality of everyone’s work.  It’s so neat to see those luminous and inviting washes.  

Class at work.

A great weekend, a great group in a great location!

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