Leighton Centre Workshop

Rex Beanland, Calgary Centre Cut (Demo), watercolour, 18 x 18

Calgary Centre Cut (Demo)
18 x 18










Rex Beanland, Seaton Seafront (Demo),  watercolour, 18 x 24

Seaton Seafront (Demo)
18 x 24









Rex Beanland, Leighton Centre Workshop Students

A Great Group












It was an excellent workshop last weekend at the Leighton Centre.  A great bunch of people and very enthusiastic.  It was also very neat to drive out to the Leighton Centre in the early morning light.

One of my goals for this workshop was to make the best use of the magical first wash in watercolour.  It was very gratifying to see everyone tackle that important aspect of watercolour painting.  Another very useful that idea that floated around the class was stated as “it’s only a piece of paper”.  If we look at our paintings  like that then we are more likely to just have fun and see what happens.  What if . . .

I added finishing touches to both paintings when I got home and it might be helpful to take a look at them.

The Critique

What I Like

Calgary Centre Cut is a painting idea that I am developing and I find the composition very exciting.  I love the lead-in of the road.  The story I want this painting to tell is of everything and everyone being drawn into Calgary as symbolized by the Calgary Tower and I think it has a strong sense of this story.  I like the centre of interest around the Lion Statue on the right.

I also enjoy the composition of Seaton Seafront.  I find the 2 poles which were attempts to deal with some of the dripping an interesting element.  I love the blue – purple colour contrast in the background hills and this is played against the warm orange in the middle of those hills.  The wall is a very effective lead in to the painting.  The little use I made of gouache is also effective particularly in the small light reflections in the puddles on the pathway.

What I Would Like To Change

Both paintings by this point have been a little over worked.  That beautiful first wash has been diluted by subsequent washes.  In Calgary Centre Cut as much as I like the dark shapes I added to both edges I don’t like the colour choices.  The purples don’t work well with the overall colour scheme. In Seaton it’s mostly that the second wash in the sky takes away that lovely sense of light it had at first.  I would also like to make the wall wider at the bottom and  make the colour notes in it more to the blue side so it contrasts with warm beach.  The original study that I did before the workshop shows very effectively the sense of light that can be had when that first wash works.

Anyway, thanks to all who attended and keep painting.




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