Lethbridge Workshop

I had the great experience of teaching a workshop in Lethbridge, Sept 20 – 23 for the Lethbridge Artist Club.  I thoroughly enjoy working with artists who are enthusiastic and want to learn more about watercolour such as the people I met in Lethbridge.

In this workshop we had the mix I enjoy: some people brand new to watercolour painting along with some very experienced painters.

The Benefit Of Using Little Lessons & Practices 

I am, by now, completely convinced that participants get the most out of a workshop when we take the time to study and practice the little skills by themselves. When we do this it allows the people to focus on one little thing at a time in a stress free, fun manner. Secondly when we come to do the full demo painting everyone has already practiced all the elements that they will meet in the painting.  I have always used lessons on how to paint figures and how to draw and paint cars.   I’m in the process of developing a new lesson on painting a crowd, in particular a crowd  on a piazza.  Here are the participants with their work.

Rex Beanland, Lethbridge Workshop

People practice 1

Rex Beanland, Lethbridge Workshop

People practice 2















I’m still working out the kinks in this activity but here are my examples.  I love them and I feel that there is a very valuable lesson contained in this subject.  This first one is the one I did at home before the workshop.

Rex Beanland, Crowd Practice 1, watercolour, 5 x 13

Crowd Practice 1









This is the demo I did in class.

Rex Beanland, Crowd Demo, watercolour, 8 x 12

Crowd Demo










And finally, this is one I did back at the hotel after class just for fun.

Rex Beanland, Crowd Practice, watercolour, 6 x 13

Crowd Example 3










I think that this subject is worthy of a full sized studio painting.

My Full Demo Painting

I chose the Jasper Ave painting for my demo. It’s a great choice because it teaches some very valuable lessons about colour and value.  It also has a very nice arrangement of cars and people.  I like a painting to tell a story and for me the story of this painting is ‘into the mystery

Here is my demo as it was at the end of the workshop.

Rex Beanland, Mr Cool Surveys The Avenue, watercolour, 15 x 20

Demo at the end of the workshop












Here are the student examples.  They are all works in progress.  What really pleases me is how everyone is able to achieve bold, colourful washes.  Many watercolourists struggle for many years to achieve results like this.  It’s always enjoyable hearing the oohs and ahhs when people first see how boldly the colours are applied particularly the alizarin crimson.

Rex Beanland, Lethbridge Workshop

Student Paintings (Works In Progress)












Here is the demo as I finished it at home.  I named it for the figure in sunglasses.

Rex Beanland, Mr Cool Surveys The Avenue, watercolour, 15 x 20

Mr Cool Surveys The Avenue













This was my first time in Lethbridge and the weekend was a whole lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Rex Beanland, Lethbridge Workshop

A Great Bunch











A Little Something Extra

I was very grateful to have just received this feedback.

“Thank you so much for our best class ever!”

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