More Sketches Of Toronto – Yonge St

Rex Beanland, Yonge St North, watercolour, 9x12

Yonge St North

Rex Beanland, Yonge St North2, watercolour, 18x9

Yonge St North2






























This is another scene from our trip to Toronto.  It’s a view driving north on Yonge St.  It was interesting to have a double decker bus driving tourists around the city.  I haven’t been to Toronto for about 3 years but I was raised there and I have to say that I really like that city, warts and all.

But on to the painting.  I find that I’m using my chinese white or white gouache a lot lately.  Partly that’s because I’m using it to correct things. That is not the best use of the opaque medium – to cover mistakes but if a painting has things wrong with it what else can you do.  But at other times, however, using opaque paint is part of the plan.   I use it frequently because it allows me the freedom to forget about the detail and just make a big juicy wash.   Then after I can add the lights with the chinese white or the white gouache.  If I didn’t do this I’d have to either paint around various shapes which destroys any creative brushwork or to use masking liquid which just isn’t on my radar at the moment.

In the top painting I used this technique to lighten the entire distant building.  I used chinese white and cad red light to make the nice bright pink writing.

In the bottom painting I used a lighter opaque blue where the blue building meets the edge of the bus.  The original wash was too dark so that there was less contrast with the dark red bus.  With this lighter wash the contrast is increased.

In the top painting the bus stands out nicely because it’s up against  lighter washes.



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