On-Line Urban Landscape Workshop for the Ottawa Watercolour Society

I just completed a 3 day on-line workshop for the Ottawa Watercolour Society.  I’ve done quite a few on-line demos but this was my first workshop.  It was a great experience.  All the participants were very enthusiastic, everyone was very motivated to paint.  It was also the mix I like.  There were really accomplished artists who were less experienced with watercolour.  There were some relatively new painters and some very experienced  watercolourists. 

Thoughts On Zoom Workshops

Zoom is an interesting technology.  It has some advantages over an in-person workshop mainly the really clear, unobstructed view of the painting combined with the ability to zoom in on certain sections.  The main draw back is the inability to do that over-the-shoulder mentoring that happens in a live workshop.  The main thing, however, is that it is very possible to have a great educational experience over Zoom.

The Paintings

The first demo was a practice in painting people, both close and far away.  It’s a painting of the  Piazza del Popolo.  The other painting was the Flat Iron Building in NYC.

First I’m going to post my demos.  I’m including the version as it was at the end of the workshop and also the final. version for the benefit of the participants.

These are the participants paintings.  Most of them are works in progress.  They really represent a high level of achievement.  Well done all!

It was a fabulous workshop.  I really enjoyed meeting everyone and it was a pleasure to work with a group of people so interested in improving their watercolour painting.  Thanks to the Ottawa Watercolour Society and thanks to Jane for all her help!

2 thoughts on “On-Line Urban Landscape Workshop for the Ottawa Watercolour Society

  1. Jane

    Rex is an excellent teacher, giving many personal tips on watercolour techniques and informative critiques that hone in directly on the strengths and vulnerabilities of the paintings. I strongly recommend his workshops to any watercolourist.


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